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Our wish list for our business

wedding photographers nyc philly 03 Our wish list for our business

This year is shaping up to be incredible. We’ve booked tons of amazing clients and are beyond excited for their weddings. Since it’s the beginning of the year, I’m going to send out some wishes into the universe for our business. You could call these goals or intentions, except we won’t really be working on them. We’ll just share here and see what happens.

Our 2011 wishes:

  • A destination wedding – We love our local work, but would never say no to a wedding in Mexico, France or Greece. Eventually we’d like to move back to the west coast and would like our clients to come from all over, not just NYC and Philadelphia.
  • An Indian wedding – I’ve photographed TONS of real Indian weddings on my trips to India, but never one here for our clients. Weird, huh? I’m intimately familiar with the many different events that make up an Indian wedding and would seriously die to photograph just one this year.
  • A theme wedding – Circus! Movie! We don’t care, we love themes and would even come in costume! Mat requests something that will allow him to grow a handlebar mustache.
  • A business mentor – We’ve been growing like gangbusters and loving every minute of it. There are moments when I wish I could call up someone a few years ahead of us for advice.

That’s it!

Purple Inspiration Board featured on Polyvore!

One of my photos was featured in this gorgeous purple inspiration board on Polyvore. It’s that lovely one of the couple on the right. If you’ve never been there, go now! It’s an amazing way to put together an inspiration board. You can pull the images for the collage and they are linked back to the original sites! This is killer for shopping, but I bet brides and inspiration board junkies will find it useful too. I think Kathryn at Snippet & Ink will be able to use it well.

India Attacks

I’ve received messages from a lot of people, and thanks for being so worried! I just wanted to let everyone know that we’re fine. My friend Laura and I are traveling in the north and are at the moment in Delhi. We’re heading to Rajasthan tonight, but I will be in Mumbai in the middle of December. You can read more about our trip (and the non-reaction in Delhi about the attacks) on my blog, no me without you.