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We’re featured on Style Me Pretty!

Heidi and John’s beautiful Tribeca Rooftop wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty’s New York wedding blog this morning! We’re so beyond thrilled, especially because this wedding was one of our favorites and it turned out so well! Much credit needs to be given to Bespoke Affairs and Flowerful Events for making this chic event happen! Head on over there and take a look!

Screen shot 2011 07 15 at 10.01.56 AM Were featured on Style Me Pretty!

E. Leigh Photography will be at the Brooklyn Wedding Crashers Show!

wedding photographers nyc philly 03 E. Leigh Photography will be at the Brooklyn Wedding Crashers Show!

Hey guys, we’re going to be at the Bell House on Sunday, February 27th for the Brooklyn Based Wedding Crashers Show. This is not your normal froo-froo wedding show which is why we’re so excited about it. It’s totally a groom-friendly space! There are tons of great vendors, bands and nibbles – all from Brooklyn. The fabulous Ara from Rock Paper Scissors Events will be giving a talk, as well as Vané Broussard of Brooklyn Bride and also other experts from Tammy Golson Events, Blossom and Branch and Mélangerie. Check out the full vendor list here.

We’ll be there with pictures galore and demoing a mini-Crazy Booth! If you’re in the midst of your NYC wedding planning and need to see it all, definitely mark your calendars and come on down to meet us in person and make your wedding day Brooklyn-awesome! You can buy your tickets here. Get them fast before they sell out!

Why you should only hire a photographer you love

wedding photographers nyc philly 04 Why you should only hire a photographer you love

I once had a meeting with a potential client who kept telling me about another photographer that they loved and all of the products that they offered. She went on and on about how much they cost and why they couldn’t afford that person. I got the feeling they thought I was the cheaper version of this photographer. Finally, I stopped her and said, I think you really should hire this other person. If you try to make me into them, you will only be disappointed. I really hope she did.

We say this to potential clients, all the time. Please only hire us if you love us. If you feel you could hang out with us in real life, have a drink or share a meal, and the conversation would be great and interesting, then we’re right for you. Because it works both ways, and we want to love you too.

Finding a wedding photographer is a little like dating. You have to try on different sizes to figure out what fits. As your photographers, we spend more time with you than almost anyone else. You need to enjoy us and what we bring to the table.

We will never be the cheapest photographers out there. That’s perfectly fine with us. If price is the main concern to you, please look elsewhere. If you want a wedding photographer who provides you with a certain number of prints, products or albums, we aren’t your guys. What we bring is our enthusiasm and fun and storytelling ability. The products are all secondary to this. I say this in our initial meetings every single time. We want to work with clients we love and vice versa. We are never sad when someone chooses elsewhere. We know it probably wasn’t a good fit to begin with.

We understand that budgets are tight and every one wants the most for their money, but when that wedding is over photos are all you will have. Would you trust your love story to the cheapest guy on the block?

How do you know if it’s right? It’s a little like love I think. You just know. There’s a click and suddenly everything is simpatico and awesomesauce. When we get you as a couple, you can guarantee that our photos will be just that little bit better. I urge and implore you, do not hire the photographer your friend knows or that your mom recommends. Meet with them, and find out if they’re yours. Don’t decide solely on price either. If you meet someone you adore, get them for whatever time you can afford. A little respectful negotiating will not go amiss. Photographers are susceptible to flattery and we always love to know that we’re someone’s first choice. If you bend over backwards to have us at your wedding, we will do the same to make sure your photos are amazing.

Our wish list for our business

wedding photographers nyc philly 03 Our wish list for our business

This year is shaping up to be incredible. We’ve booked tons of amazing clients and are beyond excited for their weddings. Since it’s the beginning of the year, I’m going to send out some wishes into the universe for our business. You could call these goals or intentions, except we won’t really be working on them. We’ll just share here and see what happens.

Our 2011 wishes:

  • A destination wedding – We love our local work, but would never say no to a wedding in Mexico, France or Greece. Eventually we’d like to move back to the west coast and would like our clients to come from all over, not just NYC and Philadelphia.
  • An Indian wedding – I’ve photographed TONS of real Indian weddings on my trips to India, but never one here for our clients. Weird, huh? I’m intimately familiar with the many different events that make up an Indian wedding and would seriously die to photograph just one this year.
  • A theme wedding – Circus! Movie! We don’t care, we love themes and would even come in costume! Mat requests something that will allow him to grow a handlebar mustache.
  • A business mentor – We’ve been growing like gangbusters and loving every minute of it. There are moments when I wish I could call up someone a few years ahead of us for advice.

That’s it!